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Generous Donations

To construct an accurate and comprehensive picture of this national grass-root movement, our team painstakingly combed through primary data (google form submissions and we-chat platform submissions) as well as secondary data (news stories, media interviews, Facebook and Twitter posts). Many secondary sources are used to corroborate or validate primary entries. The result of our ambitious undertaking is an impressive outlook of Chinese Americans’ unwavering patriotism and civic engagement during this historic moment. By April 25th, 2020, CAUFA collected information on 672 Asian-American organizations, including non-profit groups, local businesses and informal groups. Together, these organizations have made roughly $15 million in grass-root donations.

Due to the expansive and evolving nature of this honorable movement, many individuals and organizations may have been unintentionally left out of the chart below. In this case, please fill out the form on our “Report Donations” page to help us improve our data collection. Chinese Americans’ contributions to COVID-19 crisis relief, heartwarming and far-reaching as indicated by existing data, are indeed far greater in actual impact, outreach and values!

For the organizations whose data was collected through public sources, we have put a * after each name. 

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