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Founded by Mr. Yukong Zhao and other prominent Chinese-American community leaders, the Chinese Americans United for America is a non-profit, non-political and non-partisan group devoted to promoting a positive public image for Chinese Americans and contributing to the COVID-19 crisis relief efforts. With extensive experience in community organizing and civil rights advocacy from groups such as the Asian American Coalition for Education, CAUFA founders envision a broader alliance with like-minded organizations and business leaders to collectively unite our Chinese-American communities and effectively champion our voice in the mainstream media.

Our Mission & Vision

CAUFA’s missions are:

  1. To demonstrate Chinese Americans’ exemplary citizenship and devotions to the American society during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond;

  2. To encourage more philanthropic activities and civic participation among Chinese Americans.


We accomplish our missions by:

  • Empowering Chinese-American organizations to publicize their stories through training on effective communication with English media  

  • Collecting and organizing important data and heart-warming stories of Chinese-American citizens contributing to crisis relief, as well as those of Chinese-American healthcare professionals fighting on the forefront;

  • Forming a national front to motivate more Chinese Americans, Chinese-American organizations and businesses to join this grass-root movement to make ongoing contributions to this nation that we call home.

Our Staff

Working Committee Members: Mr Jeffrey Gu, Dr. Jack Ouyang, Dr. Wenyuan Wu, Dr. Shaoming Sheng, Mr. Yukong Zhao (lead), Ms. Sha Zhu, Mr. Randi Shu, Ms. Junhua Li, Ms. Yiling Zhang


Our Working Team & Leaders:

Data Collection: Dr. Wenyuan Wu (lead), Ms. Junhua Li, Ms. Yiling Zhang, Ms. Tina Ting Shao

Web Development:  Mr. Jon Chin, Mr. Jeffery Gu, Dr. Wenyuan Wu, Ms. Jaimee Yang, Ms. Yuxi Yang, Mr. Yukong Zhao,

Media Outreach: Mr. Yukong Zhao (lead), Dr. Wenyuan Wu, Ms. Sha Zhu

Social Media: Dr. Jack Ouyang (lead), Ms. Yao Zeng, Jaimee Yang


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