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Chinese Americans Joining Our Nation’s Fight against COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic ruthlessly takes away American lives and damages our economy, Chinese Americans have joined the fight like many other patriotic citizens.  Driven by our love to America, Chinese Americans nationwide have united to contribute overwhelmingly to crisis relief.  Based on the most up-to-date data collected by Chinese Americans United for America (CAUFA) in our ongoing efforts, since March 2020, more than 690 Chinese-American grassroots organizations have raised over $18 million and delivered millions of personal protection equipment (PPE) and meals to various hospitals, nursing homes, police departments and other agencies. In the meantime, tens of thousands of Chinese-American doctors, nurses and scientists are working at the forefront to save lives and develop cures.


Touching stories during this grassroots movement abound. Angelene Huang, wife of a New York frontline doctor and mother of four, has worked tirelessly with other community leaders to build ACUC Alliance which has successfully united over 150 local organizations to raise over $5.3 million in PPE donations in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut tri-state area. Many other Chinese-American patriots such as Gordon Zhang, Yang Shao, Vivian Lu, Charlie Liu, John Li, etc. have also made selfless contributions to their communities’ fight against the Coronavirus.


Moreover, many Chinese Americans are among those who advocate for early and appropriate actions to mitigate the crisis. In Washington State, Dr. Helen Y. Chu is recognized by the press as the whistle blower who successfully fought against red tapes on testing and detected the widespread of infection in Seattle in late February. In Ohio, Melissa Zhang and many Chinese Americans launched an on-line petition in an active campaign, which prompted Ohio’s Governor to cancel the spectator attendance of 2020 Arnold Sports Festival. Alicia Lu and Dan Wu in New York have started an initiative to supply healthcare workers with more protective suits. Yukong Zhao, cofounder of CAUFA, made policy recommendations on how to effectively turn around the crisis.


In our nation’s fight against coronavirus, Chinese Americans have demonstrated not only generosity and leadership, but also creativity. In Irvine California, high school student Jackie Ni created a website to match donors with hospitals/first responders who need PPEs. Teens in San Diego, California raised money to deliver meals to healthcare workers, which has helped both struggling restaurants and healthcare workers.

Chinese Americans are proud Americans and we are  doing our part to help America overcome this historic challenge. Together, America will prevail again! 

Please browse our website to learn more about these altruistic Chinese Americans and their heroic stories. We want to show our fellow Americans:

Generous Donations

By April 25th, 2020, CAUFA collected information on 672 Asian-American organizations, including non-profit groups, local businesses and informal groups. Together, these organizations have made roughly $15 million in grass-root donations of PPE, meals and other critical supplies! For a complete list of these organizations (some of which fall under regional alliances such as the ACUC), please visit the page “Organization List”.


Numbers of Contributing Chinese-American Organizations By State

Chinese-American Patriots
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